Completed: Carolyn Pajamas II

an image of liberty floral silk carolyn pajamas, pattern by closet case patternsSometimes time runs away with one a bit…  I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t found time to check in here, so apologies for that!  Also, I seem to have about 10 half-finished projects, 3 half-painted rooms and a huge pile of ironing, so it would have been tough to find anything to report even if I had got to sit down at the laptop…

Good news though – I’m back with a finish which *ahem* may have been due in February, but I’m over that and I’m still really happy with it!

It’s always a bit tricky making for other people, don’t you find?  I find.  You measure them, and then spend the next 2 weeks second-guessing those measurements while deciding what size to cut.  You can’t try it on as you go, so you end up trying it on yourself and going ‘We’re about the same size here, she’s a bit bigger there and a bit smaller there…’  Because obviously this is so useful…

Anyway, once the birthday deadline drifted into the past, the pressure was off, which was why it took me a further 8 months to fanny around making these pyjamas.

They are (obviously) the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns.  I’ve made these before, which stood me in good stead – the pattern’s fantastic, as are the instructions, but there are lots of steps and a few techniques which were new to me the first time round.  Making them up in poplin first go was so helpful when it came to making this pair…an image of draped floral silk fabric, Liberty Anna's Garden print
Shall we just talk about this fabric?  It’s some kind of Liberty silk (I think the print is ‘Anna’s Garden’) which I found in Exmouth Fabrics.  Having bought a length for these pyjamas, my mum and I debated for about a week whether to get ourselves some as well.  We did, obviously…

I pre-washed it at 40, which took some of the sheen off, but better safe than sorry once the garment’s made, I always think!image of a woman standing in a kitchen in pyjamas

My photos just get worse and worse quality, don’t they?  I do apologise…  I lengthened the top by 2″ (a bit too much) and the shorts by 1″ (not quite enough), but you live and learn, eh?  Fortunately Natalie took some much better pictures:an instagram photo collage of a woman wearing closet case files carolyn pajamas

Sewing with this silk was OK, actually – I used a gelatin solution to stabilise it, which worked great.  I expected more of a fight from it, but would be less hesitant about sewing with silk again, which is just as well considering I have 6 more metres of the stuff.

a close up image of a piped pyjama collar in floral Liberty silk with pink piping

I made the piping out of some cheap poly satin – horrendous stuff but the colour’s pretty!  A bit annoyed that I was convinced to use nylon blind cord for the piping instead of searching for actual piping cord – it’s too stiff really, but not disastrous.

Yay for a finish!  Lots of exciting stuff in the works right now, but DIY and general knackered-ness is holding everything up rather…

Have a great rest of the week (it’s nearly Friday :)!)



2 thoughts on “Completed: Carolyn Pajamas II

    1. Thank you so much Wendy 🙂 I’d love to take the credit for looking beautiful but that’s actually my friend that I made them for! She does look great though doesn’t she!


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