The Joy of Socks

Mens handknit socks

Now I’m sure my guy isn’t the first to have lodged a request for a fair-isle pullover, and received a pair of self-striping socks.  I bet that’s happened a few times, no?

Still, having said that, they’re not too bad.  This is actually the first pair of socks I’ve completed.  (Note:  ‘completed’.  This is by no means the first time I’ve started socks…)  I stupidly used a free Regia pattern, which had been briefly and badly translated.  There was a lot of googling, the best result of which was this table, which gives you all the numbers you need to turn different styles of heel.  Isn’t that cute?

Handknit socks heel detail

The yarn is some self-patterning sock yarn or other – I lost the band.  I thought it was sufficiently manly…  I think in future I would continue the ribbing along the top of the foot, for a snugger fit, but they actually fit pretty well.

4 ply self-striping handknit socks

I’m really quite pleased with these, not least because they took much less time than I anticipated – I do love knitting in 4-ply, but larger projects do tend to go on a bit…  I’ve started on a pair for myself now, in a much more cheerful colour!

In other news, I’m so close to finishing the quilt!  I’m resisting posting a photo for now, because I just need to bind it, although it’s been the only thing on my Instagram for, oh I dunno, weeks…  SO NEARLY THERE, PEOPLE!

You all have a  fantastic week, see you soon!




4 thoughts on “The Joy of Socks

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 like I said, there was a LOT of Googling involved… I love your blog too! Let’s get those suckers bound lol


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