Completed: Homestead Blanket

Striped crochet blanket

Not my most recent of finishes, this, but one I’ve been meaning to share for ages…  Staying at my mum’s means I finally have a pretty backdrop, so I’m making the most.  My house does not look like this. 

Granny square crochet blanketIt is what it looks like – a humoungous Granny Square.  That said, I’m still novice enough at crochet to download a pattern for it…  this one here, in fact.  Honestly, you could definitely just get a free granny square pattern, and keep on going.  I really wanted this blanket, from Cath Kidston (I don’t think it’s in stock anymore):

…but I’m damned if I’m paying £70 for an acrylic blanket.  I know not all acrylics are created equal, but I’m a fibre snob.  It probably cost me more to knit than it would have to buy…  Also, I’m aware that shamelessly ripping off mass-produced stuff isn’t the most creative, but it’s so pretty, I’m not sure I care!

Fortunately the wonderful Wendy Merino DK (one of my favourite ever yarns!) had all the colours, although I could only find only 2 balls of the yellow.  The outer stripes of yellow are slightly paler, as I had to use WYS Blue-faced Leicester Aran, which was the closest in colour and weight I could get.  It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, which is unusual, so yay :).

Handmade crochet blanket

I added a scalloped border to mimic the original, because this is something anyone can do.  So easy, yet so pretty.  Right up my street!

I definitely preferred making this all-in-one blanket to the modular construction of my last saga.  The only trouble is, you can’t really carry it round to work on, whereas when you’re only making little squares you can take it everywhere.  But the sewing together nearly killed me – I think on balance I would do it this way in future, and just take some socks to knit on the bus, OK?

Handmade striped crochet blanket

It makes me happy, as it’s exactly how I envisioned it (or rather, how Cath Kidston’s design team envisioned it…).  I’ve nearly finished re-decorating our bedroom, so it’ll be taking pride of place in there when I’m done.  I imagine the cat will be highly appreciative…

Well, I seem to be all about the homewares at the minute, don’t I?  I’ll be back with some clothing soon, but for the next few months there will also be cushions.  You have been warned…

Have a wonderful week, and see you soon!



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