Completed: By Hand London Charlotte Skirt

2016-01-23 10.53.18

Still eking out the last makes of 2105 here – I’ve had this pattern since it was released, so it’s certainly about time I made it up!  By Hand London always come up trumps, and Charlotte is no exception.

I picked up this tweed from one of the wool-mix bins in Abakhan’s, dead cheap, quality middling, but it’s pretty!  No stretch, but although the pattern is designed for stretch woven, the straight size 16 (my usual BHL size), fits perfectly, in fact very slightly loose.

2016-01-23 11.00.55

We had a bit of fitting drama – when I tried it on pre-waistband, it seemed way too big, so I thought I’d take it in a bit – I mean, you want a bit of wiggle in a pencil skirt, right?  Apparently, when you add a waistband it makes it quite a lot tighter.  Ask me how I know…  I gave it a chance, and wore it to work for one day, after which it became clear that I do prioritise the return of blood from my lower half to my upper.  Also the ability to breathe…  I swore a little, and let it back out, so this is the straight 16.

I wanted to put in a lapped zip, but forgot to add the extra I’d have needed in the seam allowance, so invisible it is!  By the way, why does everyone go on about invisible zip feet costing £30?  Mine was about a fiver off eBay.  It works perfectly.  OK, I messed the top up, and there’s a little gap, but that’s nothing to do with the foot!

2016-01-23 10.51.39 (1)

The only change I made to the pattern was to add a vent for walking.  Pretty pleased I noticed that before I started cutting, although I’d make it a bit wider next time, as it opens up a lot.  The vent was rather longer initially, and I think I need to open it back up a bit, as it’s a bit too restrictive to walk any distance…

It’s lined with a beautiful viscose lining from Ditto Fabrics, slippery stuff, but very lovely and slinky.


It’s no show-stopper, but a nice quiet classic which has had a ton of wear already – it’s perfect for work, and I’m always rather short of smart winter clothes!


Proof that I do still have a head…

Have a lovely week!



4 thoughts on “Completed: By Hand London Charlotte Skirt

  1. It looks lovely! I seem to spend all winter in the same boring pants or jeans; this skirt looks ideal though – attractive and cosy and a really good length for cold weather. Did you make your top too?


    1. Thanks! It is both warm and smart 🙂 no, the top is from, which I have to avoid for the sake of my bank balance… They do have some gorgeous things!


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