Back in the saddle…

Hello all!  First of all, may I apologise for breaking over a month of silence with… a t-shirt…  I’ve been so busy, with the start of the school year coinciding with my starting a new job, that I haven’t been doing much sewing at all in the last few weeks.  Since I’ve settled in a bit at work though, I’ve started to get back into the swing of things a bit, so hopefully it’ll be business as usual shortly!

Also, photos are few and sketchy, because I’m just using the ones which Annie took when we went out for a walk – I haven’t felt like attempting to pose for photos, but fortunately there’s hardly loads of detail to show you on this quick project, so I don’t think it matters!

Oh yeah, I’m cropping my face out because I wasn’t paying attention, and I look ridiculous.  The t-shirt is Grainline’s Scout (of course!), which I turned to after an infuriating attempt at the Sew Over It Tea Dress, which ended up with so many fit issues that it wasn’t salvageable.  I think I will give it another go, when time has healed and all that…  I probably should have taken the hint from the fact there were 6 inches of ease allowed in the bust and zero ease at the waist..  There was also the hilarious shortness of the upper bodice, which meant the under-bust seam needed to be dropped around 1 1/2″.  Ahem.  I may go back to it.

So there it is, I needed something I couldn’t screw up!  Scout, happily, is it.  I sewed a 12, as the ease is pretty generous.  Actually, although it fits perfectly through the shoulders, I feel it’s a bit over-generous elsewhere.  Though having said that, the fabric is so light and drapey it doesn’t really matter.

Said fabric is a viscose lawn from Leon’s – it’s the metre that was left after the Tea Dress Debacle.  At least some of the length met a better fate…

I skipped the facings and bound the neckline – I just can’t deal with facings in tops, although I do see that they make it easier to get the neckline a nice shape, mine has come out a bit square.  Meh…

Oh lord, I’ve actually run out of things to say.  Still, I suppose that’s a good thing, in one sense!  Nothing to moan about…

Happy Hallowe’en everybody!




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