Made Up!

Of course you’ve already heard of this, but here I am adding my two-penny’s-worth anyway!  Made-Up is a fundraising initiative launched by Karen of DidYouMakeThat and Love Sewing Magazine, in aid of the National Literacy Trust.

Oh, and if you finish your chosen project by September 10th, you’ll be in the running for prizes!

It works like this:  you head over to the JustGiving page, donate however much you want, and make a (I suppose ideally sewing or craft-related) pledge.  For example, mine is to finish the quilt I started for someone’s Christmas present last year.  I’ve been doing it intermittently since then, but could really do with getting it out of my project drawer (not to mention, by this time, my sight…).  I’m not sure if this is quite in the spirit, as most people are starting a project specifically for their pledge, but it works for me!

I keep trying to upload a progress photo, but the computer says no, so I’ll have another go later…

The beauty of Made-Up is, even if I don’t manage to finish my pledge (let’s be realistic here, I have a week’s holiday away, where I never get much done, followed by a week or so back home, where at the minute I also never get much done…), I’ve already donated my tenner.  And I’ll be a bit further on, if not completed, so everyone wins!

I think we can all agree on the importance of literacy – personally, I grew up without a TV so I’m highly literate (as in, books were all there was so I devoured them at quite a rate).  Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have unlimited access to books and reading, so any initiative in this direction can only be a good thing, in my opinion!

To read more and get the full picture, bob across to Karen’s launch post and have a read!

Have a lovely weekend!


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