A lesson learned…


It often occurs to me that I need to enroll in Mr T’s School for Sewing Fools…  Today’s lesson:

If a child has worn through both knees of its jeans in a matter of weeks, do you really think those cute iron-on patches are going to fix the problem?

Apparently, my answer to this was ‘Yes, of course, in fact I am so confident that I will go to the trouble of unpicking the side-seams in order that I can sew the patches on more securely.’

Yeah.  Try harder next time!

(D’you ever catch ‘World’s Craziest Fools’?  It’s like ‘You’ve been framed’, only way funnier, in that it doesn’t mainly consist of people videoing their kids getting hurt.  Although kids falling asleep in their dinner is always funny, it gets old fast, and I don’t need to turn on the TV for that, anyway:



You’re welcome!)

Have a good week 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A lesson learned…

    1. Yeah, it was good while it lasted! Good program choice – indoctrinating her early ;)? I’ve not seen that show for aaages but now I want to watch it again!


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