Finally, no more backache!

trestle table

Well, not from cutting out fabric, anyway!  That’s right, I finally pulled my finger out and fixed myself up a cutting table.  Woohoo!!  To say it’s rough-and-ready might be talking it up rather, but I’m incredibly short on time and energy these days, so the fact that it stands up is basically good enough for me…

I’d thought through a few options for this over the last couple of months, including one which could fold up from the wall in the dining room, but came to the conclusion that a permanent spot would be less hassle.  Lack of space being an issue, I sadly couldn’t rip off the cutting table of wonder, but nonetheless this one, in the alcove where my dressing-table used to be, should be plenty big enough for most pattern pieces.

cutting table

And there it is, with my stash neatly stashed beneath!  I am aware the top isn’t perfectly flat, it’s a bit of old ply I had hanging around.  Thought I might as well use what I had as far as possible.  I’m particularly happy with the cheerful orange trestle dogs!

Only trouble now, is I want to start cutting stuff out on it, rather than sew up all the things I so laboriously cut out on the floor last week…



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