At least I enjoyed sewing them…


No, I haven’t changed husbands since we last caught up…  These are the Jeds I was making for Paul, as modelled by my brother.  Which kind of indicates how successful they are, doesn’t it?


 They actually don’t look too bad from the side…


Whereas from the back… just wow.  How come even though there’s SO MUCH spare fabric at the back of his legs, none of it is prepared to shift north a bit?  Still, they fit him better than the man they were intended for.  I mentioned breezily in a previous post that I was just sewing them up straight with no fitting.  Turns out this doesn’t work.  Who knew?

Still, I’m weirdly un-phased by this unqualified disaster, as I really enjoyed the process of sewing them.  It’s a great pattern (I may have mentioned I get all fan-girl about Thread Theory – hopefully next time I may actually do one of their patterns justice, ha!).  The instructions in the PDF version were a bit cramped – small writing and quite a few steps within each numbered point.  I understand why this is:  there are A LOT of individual steps, so it would take up an insane amount of paper to spread them out more.  Sadly, I need my instructions to be the visual equivalent of speaking slooowly and LOUDLY (if you too require this, go to Colette), so they weren’t really working for me.

Fortunately, the Sew-Along (for the shorts version, but it’s the same difference), was the exact opposite, brilliantly clear, photos for each step, a video(!!!) for sewing the fly.  Can’t fault it.  So I followed that instead.  The only point I had issues with was the instruction to sew the outseams first, followed by the flat-felled inseams.  Clearly others had felt the same horror as me, as they’ve since changed the order of these in the instructions.  Having said that, it is actually possible to do (oh ye of little faith…), as I ended up faux-flat-felling the outseams when it became obvious I wouldn’t be able to press them open due to the bulk of the seams at the base of the pockets.  Although said outseams are a bit crinkly…

So what would I do different next time?  Well, I’d make up a proper muslin, for a start.  I would use heavier interfacing in the waistband, as it’s not quite stiff enough.  Beyond that, I’m actually quite happy with the construction of these trousers, if not the fit (let’s just not go there, shall we?).  I’m actually pretty proud of the pockets, in particular, both back and side.  No close-ups, I’m afraid, due to lack of light, lack of time and it being my brother’s backside.  You’ll just have to trust me.  Maybe next time, eh?

WELL.  Onwards and upwards.  Got a couple of things on the go, let’s see if I can make a success of any of them, shall we?  Have a great week!


PS:  NO I DIDN’T HEM THEM YET.  You didn’t think even I could screw up a hem that badly, did you?



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