Are you a planner or a diver?

Well?  What I mean is, do you carefully plan your next project, gather all the notions, and think through what’s involved before you start?  Or do you have a bit of fabric that might suitable, some thread that *kind of* matches, and dive right in with no further delay?

It’s pretty likely you fall clearly into one category or the other – I know I do, and you don’t exactly have to be Nancy Drew to guess which…

Take my current project, the Mystery Christmas Monster, which is, in fact, a clamshell quilt.  Staystitching.  It’s not something I give much thought to, as a rule – generally, you’ll have to staystitch a neckline, maybe at a pinch the shoulder seams.  So maybe 6 lines of staystitching per garment?

Soooo, having cut out most of my pieces, I started stitching merrily away…  it was soon pretty clear that Every. Single. Piece would need staystitching all the way around.  This isn’t insanely surprising, when you consider that all the edges are curved, and have to be handled a lot in the assembly process…  Still, it wasn’t the most welcome realisation, to say the least!  Paul had to get changed out of his scruffs to go and buy more gin.  The fact that he did this with NO WORD OF COMPLAINT is why, Reader, I married him.

It took me a couple of days to do it, but I’ve staystitched all the bits that I’ve so far cut out, (I’ve also committed the cardinal sin of Not Cutting All the Required Pieces Before Starting to Sew, but hey-ho, cutting is boring!), and it’s coming together beautifully!  No photos, because half-done patchwork is possibly THE hardest thing to photograph – it looks like what it is, which is a pile of fabric scraps that got stuck together.  Sorry about that!

The thing is, it really brought home to me how little I bother to think through a project before starting it – I’m constantly being surprised by aspects I hadn’t considered.  Is this common?  Do you find you’ve thought of everything beforehand, or do you always find yourself running out for this and that halfway through?

Have a great week!


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