Mae Blouse, or ‘Next Time I’m going to Suck It Up & Make A Muslin’…

Do you ever suffer from project fatigue?  You know, when you get near the end of a garment and find yourself cutting corners to get it done, even when there’s no deadline?  It’s so stupid, so of course I do it ALL THE TIME, especially with casual stuff.  All this is to explain why I took these pictures before I could be bothered to fix the armscyes, which I know look awful…  I have since fixed them, honestly…

It’s the Bluegingerdoll Mae blouse, in a poplin I got ages ago from Abakhan.  I love the print, so really should have bothered to make a muslin, or at least a test-run in a less lovely fabric, but I was too impatient!  I just wanted a quick project, so I dived right in, with fairly predictable results…

The first thing to note is that these patterns do run small.  It’s not like they don’t warn you, to be fair, but so do a lot of pattern companies – I often come up between sizes, take the instructions advice and go bigger, only to find I could fit one of the kids in with me.  So this time I thought, well I want it fitted, I’ll go with the closest size…  All I can say is, when you give yourself a 3cm side-seam allowance (to be on the safe side), and end up using nearly all of it, I’m pretty sure that’s a sign you should have made the bigger size!

I think if I had made the next size up, it probably would have fitted pretty well – I like the waist darts, which are neater than the tucks which most of my blouse patterns have.  I may have mentioned in the past my dislike of facings, and there are a lot here…  obviously it can’t be avoided on the neckline, but I left off the armhole facings from laziness…  Well, I cut them out and interfaced them, so my intentions were good, but that’s where they ended.

The hems on the armscyes are the result of the shoulders being so wide originally (even when I took into account and removed the extra seam allowance), that a) I felt ridiculous, and b) the extra fabric kind of dragged down to the front and made it look like I’d missed a bust dart.  I took it in without bothering to trim the excess fabric, which meant the hem was narrower inside than out (does that make sense? – you can probably see it in the pictures!), and pulled out of shape.  I know, I’m lazy.  But you can bet your life I fixed it pretty quick once I’d seen these photos…

I’m showing you the top button (pretty, isn’t it!) to distract from the fact the bottom two are different…  I only had 6 of the pretty ones, but I couldn’t resist using them.  I’m mainly going be tucking it in…

Anyway, I like it on first wearing!  I have a feeling the neckline may develop some gaping issues, but we’ll cross that bridge etc etc… However, this isn’t the first time I’ve stopped myself enjoying the sewing of something by rushing to finish it when there was totally no need.  Need to sort that out really.  Also to sort out:  Paul taking all the photos from above my head height, so my shoulders look twice as wide as my hips…

Well, I’ll be off to sort them out then!  See you soon 🙂



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