Nothing to declare…


Aargh, it’s been a very non-productive week on the sewing front, I’m afraid!  I haven’t really been feeling it, to be honest, and I think there are a few reasons:  first, the project on the go at the moment has a deadline, in the shape of OWOP, which kicks off on September 6th.  In my subconscious, this translates as ‘You MUST NOT finish this garment before 11pm on September 5th’.  Added to the fact I’ve just had to make another muslin as I’ve put on so much weight in the last couple of months (well, probably only like 4 or 5 pounds, but boy does it change how my clothes fit…).

Second, I’ve spread myself a bit thin on the WIP front, with the result that I don’t feel that enthusiastic about any of them.  I always do this, I have about 6 things going and it takes about 3 years to finish any of them…  I currently have on the table (or needles…):

  • 1 blouse muslin, for 2 planned Portrait Blouses.
  • 1 crochet blanket, currently comprising 80 unconnected squares.
  • 1 sample for work, a vintage-style baby cardigan with a really cute smocking stitch yoke.  Which is a RIGHT PAIN to knit.
  • 1 cross-stitched Noah’s Ark, for a friend’s baby.  Almost sea-worthy, but this has been a seriously time-consuming project.  He’s probably grown up and left home by now.
  • 1 aran cardigan, completed 6″ of the back before more urgent things got in the way.  Slightly concerned I’ll have forgotten what a cable needle is by the time I get back to it…
  • A whole box of UFOs on top of the wardrobe which I’m not even going to look into now.  They’re there alright though…

Add to this a whole raft of projects floating around in my head, which I have quite specific plans for, and you get the picture.  There’s TOO MUCH CHOICE!

Third, I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time gazing longingly at stuff I’d like to make, and not enough actually sitting down and making stuff.  I’ve developed a weird compulsion to make a quilt.  Also, all the Autumn yarn stock has come in to work, which is really distracting.  Like, I have to keep walking round the shop every few minutes to have another look at it…  At this precise moment, this from Debbie Bliss is my favourite.  (Ignore the hideous orange colour in the picture – in real life all the colours are AMAZING).  It changes by the minute though…  Never mind that I have enough yarn to keep knitting until I’m about 50 already.  Oh.  Make that 80…

So instead of something I’ve made, here we have several things which I would like to have made!  They are in fact 3 jumpers that my mum knitted for me and my brother when we were little.  Judging from the sizes, this was about 24 years ago.  

I think that’s a Patricia Roberts pattern Annie’s wearing, she definitely lucked out on the 80’s factor haha…

…while George and Amy have matching tank-tops.  Awesome.  Their Daddy (still waiting on his tank-top.  It might be a while…) is jealous!

Sorry the photos aren’t the most detailed – you try getting 3 kids to stay still long enough to get a close-up! – but you can still see the level of skill and work that’s gone into them.  The fair-isles are in wool, either a 3- or 4-ply, I’m not quite sure, and I think the pink one is a 4-ply mercerised cotton.  I remember my mum having some of these colours left over, which at some point I tried to crochet a bag out of.  I think the less said about that effort, the better, to be honest…

So there you have it:  When I grow up, I want to make jumpers like this!  I think it’s so cool that things handmade for me have turned into ‘handmade by Granny’.  Maybe my grandchildren will wear them too, who knows?  Haha, steady on Lucy…

Before I let George sign off on this one, how about you?  Do you have garments that you’ve handed down to the next generation?  Or are you busy making for your own little descendants?  Have a good week!



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