Bambers Sewing Competition!

Butterick B6008:  'Yes! It's easy'!!
Butterick B6008: ‘Yes! It’s easy’!!

Mending week this week, so I haven’t much to report on the sewing front, though there are a couple of things in the pipeline!  I’m finally ploughing through the list of failed or unfinished stuff which lives (yes, it’s a permanent fixture…) next to my bed.  So far, I’ve replaced the elastic in my favourite PJs, hemmed the living room curtains, reattached the skirt to the waistband on one of Amy’s dresses, and patched one pair of children’s jeans.

Still to come:  one more pair of children’s jeans (what do they have against trouser-knees?  In my house, a vendetta that an organised-crime syndicate could be proud of, apparently…), one small glove to re-attach to its string before it disappears into the black hole that eats single socks and gloves, and the zip to replace in Paul’s jeans.

No, not really looking forward to it…

However, on the bright side, I’ve found a competition!  I’m a sucker for competitions, although I think the last one I won was a haiku competition when I was about 14.  (The prize was Muji vouchers, which I guess is OK if you only like things transparent, cardboard or grey).  These days, however, timescale is an issue for me – I really can’t consider anything if the deadline is less than 3 months away.  Although this is a bit ridiculous, as I treat all deadlines the same – non-existent until about a week beforehand.

Anyway, while I was looking for someone to ask about my Singer, I discovered Bambers Blue Ribbon Sewing Competition (sounds pretty grand!),  and I’m still debating whether or not to enter.  On the one hand, it’s a sewing competition(!!!), but on the other, the pattern is a bit depressing and the colour of the fabric (if it’s the colour in their picture) is a hideous little-girl pink.  I suppose at least the awful colour would mitigate my disappoint at not actually being able to wear the dress afterwards, as you have to make a size 12…   Hmm…   I’l probably still do it though, I just can’t resist!  (Although I think that Bernina is computerized, which terrifies me).

Ah well, I shall think about it while I reinforce the child’s trousers with Kevlar…


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