A bit of Gingham Love…


Hello hello!  It’s raining (again), but I’m afraid I sent Amy to school in her new summer dress ( with other clothes on top, I hasten to add…), as I only finished it last night and needed a photo for this post.  Oops.  Still, she likes it, as it has a pocket with a bow, which was her only stipulation.  And I did brush her hair after taking the picture.

Pocket with bow = one happy 5-year-old...
Pocket with bow = one happy 5-year-old…

Now, what I should have done was treat myself to this beauty, but no, I thought I would cobble.  Yes, it was just as bad an idea as it sounds…  I used a pyjama top pattern by Tina Barrett, which I got in Issue 7 of Sew Magazine (Jan 2010), chopped it by a couple of inches at the bottom and added a pleated skirt.  I did actually make the pyjama set a couple of years ago for our god-daughter, and I do remember making a mental note not to repeat the experience.  Hmm…

So most patterns (in fact ALL OTHER patterns I’ve encountered) either include seam allowance, or they don’t.  Either way, you know where you stand.  This one says ‘Seam allowance included except where indicated’, so half the lines have seam allowance, the rest don’t!  It was… irritating, for want of a more colourful phrase.  There was nothing indicated on the collar or sleeve pieces – I made a judgement by eye to add one all round to the sleeves (right decision) but not to the collar (wrong this time!)

In addition, the instructions for assembling the collar are woeful – last time I made it I gave up trying to follow them altogether and did it all by hand.  This time around, with a bit more construction experience, I managed it.  No thanks to the instructions, to be honest…

Still, it’s ok – the collar’s a bit out of balance, and that top button should definitely be an inch or so higher, but we live and learn.  Mainly not to use that pattern.  If I need to make kiddies pyjamas in the future, I will wait ’til they’re 7 and use this…

How darling is that?
How darling is that?  If you look closely you can see the girl has curling rags in her hair!

…which, in addition to COMPREHENSIVE instructions and diagrams for constructing the collar, also has these dinky ‘Sewing Hints’ on the back of the envelope:

'Professional dressmakers are reminded that they must comply with the making of civilian clothing (restriction) orders'   Quite so!
‘Professional dressmakers are reminded that they must comply with the making of civilian clothing (restriction) orders’   Quite so!  (Sorry about the picture quality…)

And if I want to make a dress, well, I already have the perfect pattern for a couple more school uniform dresses, which I’ll combine into one post so as not to bore you rigid!


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