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Hi, and welcome to my brand-new blog!  It will mainly concern sewing, something for which my enthusiasm vastly outweighs the time I can devote to it…  However, I intend to challenge this (late-night coffee anyone?), and commit to at least 1 post per week from now on, hopefully more.

One more pledge to make things interesting:  Until I have used up all my stash of garment-sized fabric pieces (you know, all the ones that aren’t a weird triangle shape left over from cutting out, which I inexplicably keep in a bag…), I will not be buying any new clothes, or any new fabric.  There, I’ve typed it!  Patterns are negotiable, but I’ll do my best to use the ones I already own…

Hopefully a few of you will stick around to see the results and let me know what you think!  Oh, and I will put a photo of me up when I can find a half-decent one…


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