Friday Favourites

Pink sunsetAh, the end of at-least-a slightly-shorter-than-usual week!  I’ve been rather unproductive, having been feeling rotten with a combination of sniffles and dentistry…  Still, I’ve made a bit of progress with my tapestry, ie, something you can do whilst in bed feeling sorry for yourself.

I’m using up these beautiful vintage wools I was very kindly gifted a while back – they’re a mixture of brands/thicknesses, but I’m happy with how it’s coming along so far!

Vintage tapestry wool from WW2, wartime production, rationing

From the world of stuff-I-gaze-at-longingly-on-the-internet, here are a few things too gorgeous not to share:

  • Lauren kills it again with the smartest chiffon Archer ever.
  • I’m secretly fascinated by the world of costuming (is that even the right word??), and often amazed by the effort that goes into garments – check out the latest outfit by The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart.  I mean, earrings as well!  I think maybe what I secretly like is that other people do it so I don’t have to😉 – at the moment I can barely find time to sew clothes to go to the supermarket in, never mind whole 16th-century outfits!
  • I assume everyone’s excited about the return of SewPhotoHop – I don’t often take part in online challenges or networking, but I ought to, and this seems particularly fun and low-maintenance.  I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts lately about the decline of blogging vs the rise of Instagram – people are noticing a decrease in engagement in the form of comments and they naturally wonder if anyone cares about reading their posts anymore.  I personally don’t think there’s a decline in interest, but it is so fiddly to comment on a blog post if you’re reading it in a phone app like I do!  So. Many. Steps, and then when you’ve written your thoughtful and admiring comment, half the time there’s a glitch and it refuses to post.  Whereas it’s much easier to engage quickly on Instagram, even though you’re only seeing a single photo.  I still read and appreciate blogs – it’s just the way I read them makes commenting more of an effort.  Basically, I’m lazy.
  • Amy Smart has a helpful and explanatory post on combining fabrics for a quilt over at Diary of a Quilter.  She writes absolutely my favourite quilting/patchwork blog, and this is a particularly clear and well-written guide to achieving a harmonious effect with your patchwork.
  • Reasons to repair, not replace, your garments from Thread Theory – I really should get round to patching that jacket of Paul’s…  really really.  What can I say, elbow patches just don’t thrill me…

Hope you’re all having a lovely stitchy weekend!  Take care,


Completed: ByHandLondon Anna

Wax Print Anna Dress

Am I the absolute last person on earth to have made this dress?  Possibly…  Except, no I won’t be, because it’s an amazing pattern, and deserves to keep on truckin’ long after the novelty value fades!  She’s a few years old now, Anna, and I believe was super-popular on release – I didn’t buy it then, because the photo-shoot pictures didn’t really seem like it would suit me, or my lifestyle. Continue reading

TGI Friday…

Bright lonestar quilt collage

…Although, what I really wish is that it was yesterday, before just over half my nation voted to abandon 40 years of civilised co-operation with the human beings that share our bit of the planet.  I’m embarrassed to be British.  That said, this is how democracy works, so if we don’t want to be subject to the whims of a power-crazed dictator, I guess we have to live with those of our fellow citizens.  However…  Just saying. Continue reading

Changing my mind up…

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It’s official, guys, I love to change my mind!  But in my opinion, if you make a right decision, you don’t ever regret it.  If you’re wondering whether it was the right decision?  It wasn’t!

Blog name, domain etc is switching back to  It’s consistent with my Instagram, and although it’s not stitchy-specific (part of the reason I changed it), I just like the ‘feel’ of it so much better!

So anyway, sorry for messing you about (again), but hopefully you’ll all still get posts and that – I’m so appreciative of everyone who follows this little blog – thanks for sticking with me, we’re not done yet!


Socky McSockface

Neon colour block handknit socks

Hello again!  Socks are a bit addictive, aren’t they?  These are my second pair, although not being one of those bloggers we’re always being warned about, who only show you the things that turn out great, I will admit to making a very sad prototype which was all saggy round the picot and pointy at the toe…  It was so depressing, that I couldn’t bear to make its pair, but I still thought my idea was good, so amended the pattern to address the issues. Continue reading

Completed: Vintage Carline shirtdress

Vintage Style shirtdress pattern in liberty carline fabric

Evening everyone!  Hope you’re all well, and not feeling like it should be Friday already…  Anyway…  If this fabric looks familiar, it’ll probably be because it’s been everywhere for the last few years, but also maybe because it’s the second thing I’ve made from my length…  I think I’m a tad on the cautious side when I buy fabric – I like to know I won’t run out, you know? Continue reading